Why coaching is NOT the General Managers job

Updated: May 1

As a company offering coaching services to the hospitality and tourism industry and hotels being some of the main clients, we often approach General Managers to promote our services. 

When explaining the service, we are often asked if this is not their job to manage the team and ensure success? The short answer is yes, as in they're responsible and accountable for the result. However, to get there you can choose different avenues.

Some of the reasons why General Managers shouldn't be coaching their teams themselves.

Need to be fully objective, in daily work environments you always have your predetermined opinion on people from your daily interactions.

Coaches are trained on techniques to extract the best out of people. This needs specific training.

"Store blindness" - A GM may have been looking at a specific concern but has stopped seeing it or looking at it objectively.

Industry trained and experienced coaches can offer a different angle to look at situations.

A team is not as open with the GM and will be more likely to say what they believe they would want to hear rather than the real situation.

Independent objective coaching is a great tool for measuring work performance and assist with performance management.

Having this done independently externally will greatly assist with any potential procedures. 

Independent objective coaching also helps identify stars and will help with staff retention.

Team members who feel valued and supported due to the achieved personal and professional growth will be more likely to stay with the establishment.

Valued and happy team members will be more motivated which leads to better results and happier guests and teams.

Most of the above points and these are just some, will lead to cost savings and increased revenue (directly or indirectly) so having your team coached by professionals will actually pay for itself over and over. 

Team coaching is an investment which provides an ROI and is not a cost.

Ask us should you be interested to know more. Kick-off 2020 positively.


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